Discover what you are drawn to and connect with your perfect set of hand knotted mala beads! 
Soulfull  Stacks, Singles, Silver, or Mix & Match
New limited editions ...
 Keep checking in for that Rare Bird that's singing your song!
We love to create unique one-of-a-kind treasures.  Working together to design that meaningful piece!
We love our new rudraksha and wood malas.
Take a peek...
What is a mantra?
What is a mala?
How to use a mala and so much more...

Embrace and Release Your Inner Hippy!


We believe in the power of intentional jewelry and our mission to spread love one handmade piece at a time.


Hippylycious is where you can find soulfull jewlery that is truly as beautiful and unique as you are.   

We specialize in intuitively creating free-spirited hand knotted malas & bracelets.


Being Hippylycious simply means embracing and releasing every wonderful piece of yourself. 


Listen to those free-spirited and curious parts of you that desire to dream, explore, grow, release, and accept. Be brave enough to acknowledge and accept your incredible self and then spread love by sharing your unique gifts.


So, step into our Hippylycious world and allow your eyes to gaze, your soul to wander and your Inner Hippy to listen.


Namaste from our Inner Hippy to Yours! XO     
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