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At Hippylycious we absolutely love designing unique one-of-a-kind treasures that truly exemplifies the person that the piece is created for!


The first step in designing your custom mala is to complete the order form below  providing us with as much detail as possible in order to customize the perfect piece that will be a touchstone along your journey and will help shift your energy or the enery of someone special as you follow the perfect path and pattern your life!   


What are your dreams? What are your goals? What are your desires?  Take a moment to express what purpose you are looking to convey.   Is there a mantra, blessing or intention that you want this piece to carry?


We can also incorporate personal pieces into your new mala and bring old treasures back to life with love!  For example, we have used old lockets, earrings, pendants, beads from long ago broken jewlery and even trinkets from far off travels that have sadly ended up at the bottom of the drawer.


You get the idea.  Have some fun with this and create something completely one-of-a-kind for yourself or as a gift for someone special. 


Allow your creative inner hippy to shine as you create space and delve into your imagination as we begin this soulful journey together...




Is there a mantra, blessing or intention you want your piece to carry?


The Guru bead is tha 109th stone that hangs at the bottom of each mala. 


  • Do you want a use tassel, gemstone or unique piece? (eg: keys, trinkets)

  • Do you have a personal piece that you want to use? (eg: pendants, earrings) 

​We are truley honored each time we are invited to create a personal mala or piece.  
Hippylycious is so grateful you are choosing to honour yourself or someone else with one of the most personal and heartfult gifts.



 Not sure what you like, want or where to start? Click below to check out some custom Hippylycious pieces to get your imagination flowing or maybe one of our limited edtion gurus is the perfect place to begin your creative journey. 

Hippylycious Custom Order Form

Please complete the form below with as much detail as possible. If there is a guru bead in our burried treasures that is  meant for you, make sure to include this so we can set it aside for you.  PS - Let your fingers free and just write. We understand how truly intimate and personal your message is so please know there is no judgment, simply love and gratitude for allowing one of our malas or bracelets to be part of your journey to LOVE! XO

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