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The Story of Hippylycious...
Hippylycious was born in May 2015, when a free spirited soul joyously discovered how the varied pieces of her life at last seemed to fit together. This passionate seeker craves knowledge, her truth, and answers to the thoughts that remain at a constant simmer in her heart, mind and soul. For decades she trusted her intuition and followed her heart even though this created more questions and gave only a glimpse into the answers. At long last, her puzzle’s true picture was revealed and it became clear why she studied meditation and yoga, became a reiki master, collected gemstones, believed in the power of positive thoughts and mantras, travels the world with her family, studied belly dancing (ok this aspect still holds a slight mystery), suffered loss and hardship, and always viewed life in a different way from many.
The mala for her represents all of these things. Her passion and hunger for life, love and adventure, truth and harmony, balance and kindness. She believes that the true challenge in life is to walk a balanced path between the physical and the spiritual and the mala is the perfectly Divine tool that can be used by anyone to do just this. One must live their life with intention, with an inner knowing and trust in a greater power and above all with a love and passion for themselves so that they can clearly hear their own voice, follow their own heart and create their own unique pattern so they can share this with everyone and let it shine!
Hippylycious is a state of being and simply means that we all have an inner hippy or bohemian free spirited nature that is youthful, vibrant, pure and in touch with our truth. Just as our physical bodies become hungry and need to be fed so too do our souls have cravings and call out to be fed with all things delicious from travel and adventure to soulful literature, music and art and kind like-minded souls to ride the roller coaster of life with. Malas are beautiful eye candy and delicious soul food.
Namaste from our Inner Hippy to Yours! XO
Meet Hippylycious’ Inner Hippy, Ananda!


In Sanskrit, her name translates as Bliss, Joy and the Highest State of Being!


Allow her to be a reminder of all that is possible within you! XO

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