How To Care For Your Mala


Your mala is sacred, has its own unique energies and is an extension of you which is why we give each mala its own bag as a sacred and safe place to store it in when you’re not wearing or meditating with it! So, place it lovingly in its mala bag or lay it on your sacred altar!


As a sacred object it deserves to be handled with care and love. And as an extension of your energy and power remember that every person has their own energies and personalities, so be conscious of who you allow to handle your mala.


It is also possible and a great practice to cleanse your mala to clear any unwanted energies. A couple of simple ways are to hold your mala during meditation and visualize it surrounded by pure white light, or to place it in the sunshine for an hour, or to place it in the light of the full moon!


Though it looks cool and beautiful to do yoga in a mala its best placed beside you on your mat or someplace close by as you practice. And we fully understand how powerful malas are and that some of you may even want to take your malas to sleep (we do!), but take it off and lay it beside or under your pillow. Remember, malas are delicate and you want to be conscious of keeping it safe both physically and energetically!