Diffuser Malas

     We've taken beauty, healing and transformation to a whole new level and this is just the beginning!


 As we all know, malas are incredible in both beauty and power and are marvelous tools for creating magnificent shifts in our lives. We're finally able to share our stunning new collection of diffuser malas that will deepen your practice, balance your emotions, have a therapuritc effect on all levels and blanket you with the light naturally healing scents of essential oils.


     Our diffuser malas are shorter than our tradtitional 108 prayer bead malas so the oils are released around your heart centre and are closer to your nose so those lovely little molecules can work their magic. We are so excited to announce that we are currently working with a fabulous aromatherapist to create our own blends made from the highest grade oils and hope to have our Sacred Scents available soon!  Thanks for your patience but the best things are worth waiting for!


We hope you love our new line as much a we do!

Custom orders are always welcome, too.


Sacred Scents

       Layers of Love