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I am fearful yet courageous.

I am soft yet strong.

I am empty yet creative.

I am giving yet have boundaries.

I am logical yet magical.

I am innocent yet wise.

I am firm yet flexible.

I am strict yet playful.

I am grounded yet free.

I am peaceful yet chaotic.

I am still yet wild.

I am fragile yet powerful.

I am a destroyer yet a creator.

I speak up yet listen deeply.

I am impulsive yet patient.

I am a Divine Goddess who knows that my strength comes from my willingness and courage to be vulnerable as myself, as I dance with the shadows and in the light.

I am all possibilities and embrace my kaliedoscope of colors as they are all uniquely me, and all equally beautiful.


Embrace and Release Your 

Inner Goddess

You are an earthquake, crumbling all that is not soul and truth.
Shake, woman, shake.
Goddess Malas

After months of playing, designing and soul searching, our Goddess Malas have arrived and we coudn't be more excited!

The handmade recycled sari silk tassels are the ultimate boho, free-spirited touch that make each mala truly one-of-a-kind.


One more piece of my puzzle fell into place and I remembered why I became a belly dancer. It was essential in the awakening of my Divine Feminine, and that energy has awakened even further through the designing and creating of each Goddess Mala that sings and calls to the vibrant and colourful Goddess that is the hidden sacred treasure within each of us. 


The Divine Goddess Within Me Bows to the Beautiful and Bright Divine Goddess within You.


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