How To Choose A Mala


If you’re like us the real question is «How do I choose just one?» Because seriously they are not only beautiful to look at and wear but they feel wonderful, are powerful reminders of our intentions, and incredible tools for transforming our lives in every way!!


This is our advice! NOW’s the chance to Release and Embrace Your Inner Hippy! Have fun with this amazing experience and let your intuition and heart come out and play! Hold on to the mala... close your eyes... and listen! Feel it’s energy! How does it make you feel? I know some of you are familiar with your third eye chakra (it’s the point between your eyebrows) and may even be receiving messages this way! Read the intention card that explains the mantra and intention of that particular mala! Does that resonate with you? Is that what you were seeking in your life and here it is waiting for you?


We understand that some of you may want more guidance and information which we’ve hopefully included in the description of the mala. You can also refer to our tab on the meanings behind different gem stones and symbols to bring more clarity!


Most of all have fun! This is such a special part of beginning your new journey and joy with malas!