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One-of-Kind Custom Treasures

We know that your Inner Hippy is unlike anyone's and that calls for a one of a kind treasure that reflects and resonates with your unique energy! 

New limited editions are created all of the time so keep on the look out for the Rare Bird that's singing your song!

HIPPY TIP!!: Rare Birds often appear on Instagram or Tweet before appearing in our online boutique.

Pam's Mermaid Mala
While riding my bike a few weeks ago I stopped along the path and picked the first flowers of spring
Gift with love and meaning
This Dancing In the Light Mala is for a sweet girl who brings joy and love to everyone she knows, wh
Here's the final vintage key of three from NY city now making her debut in this custom Flow Like Wat
Admiring the stunning Guardian Mala while enjoying a warm cup of Turkish sahlep tea (if you haven't
Howlite is a stone of awareness and a tiny Buddha is hidden within the strands of the tassel  as thi
Just finished this mala that I started yesterday outside in the sun!! Blues and whites of the sodali
Welcome the Nourishing Waters Mala! Just as we could never grow gorgeous flowers like this stunning
I Follow the Flow of Love is the mantra that blesses this In the Flow Mala made of gorgeous Botswana
Power up Moon Goddesses tonight is a full moon!! 🌕 the full moon has a huge effect on our lives esp
The winner of our Celebrate 108 contest _1hobbesemi was such a joy to collaborate with and you may h
Custom malas are one of the most healing and heartfelt gifts we can give to anyone including ourselv
Truly honored to create this custom talisman for _theperiwinkledragonflycompany as a gift for her de
Old treasures given new life! Discovered these vintage keys in NY City! Welcome the Breath is the Ke
This one of a kind beauty will only be available _centrogarden! _Change my thinking. Change my world
Tonight the moon is in a waning crescent phase so it's the perfect night to welcome this Rare Bird,
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