6mm white wood, 8mm and 6mm Amazonite beads, Amazonite Guru, silver Tibetan accents, Ananda charm

Breath of Life Mala

  • If you’re feeling so stressed that you find yourself holding your breath, then breath a sigh of relief as you’ve met the mala for you! Prana, or cosmic power, is the vital life force that makes up the entire universe. It’s essential for our whole being that we engage in conscious breathing as often as possible in order to regenerate our life force and expand it so that we can increase stamina, break old habits, eliminate illness and much more! So, allow this mala and it’s mantra, “Om,” on the inhale, “Shanti,” on the exhale, to guide you as you breath deeply, do your pranayama (maybe the breath of fire!) and recharge your entire being! Embrace your breath and feel the buzz! Namaste XO