8mm amethyst, 2mm amethyst, 8mm moonstone, 8mm sodalite, 10mm purple jade, silver diffuser guru with butterfly pattern, silver Tibetan accents, Ananda charm.
Approximately 43cm (88 beads)
*essential oils sold separately but our custom blends are in the works and coming soon

Cosmic Consciousness

  • You are a Cosmic Goddess who strives to uncover new spheres of consciousness and travel where only few dare to venture. You’ve been drawn to this mala for a reason so, whether you are just beginning your exploration or wanting to deepen your capacity to connect with the Universe, this mala will work wonders. The amethyst will open your psychic centres, while sodalite facilitates clarity and truth, so the moonstone can assist you on your journey in a gentle yin way. To further deepen your connection this mala is a diffuser so have fun with that! Embrace and release your inner Cosmic Goddess.

    Namaste XO

    The Cosmic Consciousness' Mantra - "So Ham" (pronounced Sooo Hummm)

    Translation - "I am That."