8mm jade, 2mm & 4mm Czech glass, silver diffuser guru star, Ananda charm.
Approximately 45cm (88 beads)
*essential oils sold separately but our custom blends are in the works and coming soon

Dream Weaver

  • Sleep for you is not always the rejuvenating, wake in the morning with a bounce in your step experience, because you are a dreamer. You receive messages and signs whether you’re awake or asleep and it’s not always clear how to weave daydreams and night dreams together but once you begin to do so, you move to another level of consciousness, mindfulness and depth of living. Allow the Dream Weaver Mala to continue to bring you clarity, courage and confidence as you entwine both aspects, follow your truth and live from your heart. Embrace and release your dreamer. Namaste XO

    Mantra – “I follow my dreams with clarity, courage and confidence.”