6mm fossil stone, 10mm fossil stone guru, 10mm & 8mm amazonite, silver Tibetan accents, handmade recycled sari silk tassel, Ananda charm
Approximate length 63cm

Goddess - Amazonite

  • I am fearful yet courageous.

    I am soft yet strong.

    I am empty yet creative.

    I am giving yet have boundaries.

    I am logical yet magical.

    I am innocent yet wise.

    I am firm yet flexible.

    I am strict yet playful.

    I am grounded yet free.

    I am peaceful yet chaotic.

    I am still yet wild.

    I am fragile yet powerful.

    I am a destroyer yet a creator.

    I speak up yet listen deeply.

    I am impulsive yet patient.

    I am a Divine Goddess who knows that my strength comes from my willingness and courage to be vulnerable as myself, as I dance with the shadows and in the light.

    I am all possibilities and embrace my kaleidoscope of colors as they are all uniquely me, and all equally beautiful.

    Embrace and Release Your Inner Goddess XO

    Mantra - Create your own personal mantra that allows your Inner Goddess to sing, your courage to strengthen and the colours of your kaleidoscope to brightly shine! Trust me, you remember what it is.