8mm rudraksha, rhodochrosite and fossil stone beads, 10mm rhodochrosite guru, silver Tibetan accents, pink silk tassel, silver heart key charm in tassel, Ananda charm. Approximately 61cm long.

Heart's Desire Mala

  •     Following your Heart’s desire is one of the keys to living a life of joy and truth, and this is paramount to you. It’s not always easy to follow your heart’s desire, but it is the most fulfilling and the way you are meant to experience life!

         Hold your mala over your heart and breath into your heart chakra. As it expands listen to what it’s saying. Now, hold this feeling in your heart as you repeat the mantra, “I follow my Heart’s Desire.”

         Allow the energy of the rudraksha beads to elevate your consciousness as you connect to higher realms, and the fossil stone to release old beliefs as your heart and soul vibrate with the pulsation of rhodochrosite’s love energy. Visualize the warm pink light emanating from your heart centre as it flows out into the world and you embrace and follow your heart's desire!

    Namaste XO