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8mm magnesite, 8mm amazonite, 6mm amazonite, silver diffuser guru - butterly motifs, silver Tibetan accents, Ananda charm.
Approximately 42cm (88 beads)
*essential oils sold separately but our custom blends are in the works and coming soon

I'm So Worth It

  • Maybe you’ve lost a piece (or more like all) of yourself to the weighty demands of life. Life, if you allow it to, can suck the life out of you. Something or someone has shaken your confidence and it’s time to fight for its return! It’s time to channel your female warrior energy, repeat your mantra, and do something that makes you feel authentically you, alive, and confident.  Be the best friend you are to others and give yourself some great advice and encouragement as you reconnect with that buried piece. You are so worth it. Embrace and release your self worth. This world needs you! Namaste XO

    Mantra – “I am so worth it.”