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8mm mother of pearl, shell, agate beads, shell guru, tassel, silver mermaid charm, approximate length 63 cm


  • This Laule’a Mala is a one of a kind piece created with love for our «Aloha» collection! We feel that Aloha isn’t just a word it’s a lifestyle!! Made from shells, mother of pearl and agate, this mala carries the soothing energy of Laule’a (pronounced la-oo-leh-ah) which is Hawaiian for Peaceful. No matter what chaos is happening outside of you, keep calm and remain peaceful inside. Listening to the sound of waves helps, but if you’re not by an ocean try a yoga technique called Ujjayi Pranayama or Ocean Breath to calm your mind and body!


    Embrace and Release Laule'a! Namaste XO