8mm lotus seeds, silver diffuser guru - butterfly motif, silver Tibetan accents, Ananda Charm.
Approximately 44cm (88 beads)
*essential oils sold separately but our custom blends are in the works and coming soon

Lotus Blossom

  •      Just when you thought all was right and good in your world, you’ve once again been thrown into the mud. Good or bad this is simply the cycle of life so the best option is to make like a lotus flower and embrace the mud! You can handle this, and when you finally emerge you will blossom just like the stunning lotus flower. Celebrate the wisdom you gained, the ways your heart expanded, or the negative things you left behind and see that your are more exquisite than before and all thanks to that mud! So embrace the mud and release your inner lotus. Namaste XO

    The Lotus Blossom Mala’s Mantra – “In the mud, obstacles become opportunities, and I grow more exquisit.”