8mm rhodochrosite, agate and howlite beads, faceted oval agate guru, silver Tibetan accents, approximately 56cm long


  •      Maybe you’ve begun to let go just a little or you’ve let go of just about everything and moved to Costa Rica! Either way, you’re ready for new love, opportunities, abundance, a fresh new tribe who flows with your new vibe, and every other thing the Universe can now give you because you created space. But wait? Are still waiting for the Universe to show up?  Actually, the Universe is waiting for you to say yes. You do deserve to be happy, abundant, and loved, so give yourself permission and be open to receiving as it is your birth right.  Allow the agate guru to balance and protect your energies, the howlite to connect you to your Higher-self and to the Divine, and the rhodonite to open your heart to receiving as you repeat your mantra, “I am ready to receive.”  Maybe personalize this by adding on what you are ready for. Hope you love surprises and gifts cuz here they come! Release your doubts and embrace your right to receive. Namaste XO