Clear quartz guru, 8mm moonstone, 8mm mother of pearl, 10mm mother of pearl, 4mm czech glass, Ananda charm

Treasure Hunter

  • You’ve realized that searching outside of yourself to find answers only takes you so far, and you’re ready to grab your crystals and your mala and heroically discover those hidden truths that are only found when you make that journey within. Whether it’s a soft ache, nagging discomfort or a full dark night of the soul, these feelings are signs that it’s time to be a treasure hunter. Allow the talisman of the inner journey, moonstone, and the mantra, to gently guide you as you enter areas of the unknown, and the quartz guru to connect you to the Divine, and protect you as you search for, and daringly retrieve those missing pieces of yourself that are ready to be brought to the surface and into the light. Embrace and release your inner treasures! Namaste XO

    Mantra: As I discover my inner treasures I bring them into the light.