8mm agate and magnesite beads, silver Tibetan accents and guru bead, brown silk tassel, heart charm in tassel, Ananda charm. Approximately 60cm long.

Letting Go

  • As a wise, strong woman, you understand that it in order to create space for something or someone new and even better to enter your life, you must practice the art of letting go.

    Our earthly journey is marked with love and loss, joy and suffering, beauty and ugliness, truth and illusion, yet you know that no matter which end of the spectrum you are experiencing it is important to keep letting go…to keep moving forward…to keep letting go...to create space for the new and marvelous, the magical and miraculous. When you create space by trusting and letting go, you make space for the Divine to enter and give you something or someone more in alignment with your energy and heart’s desire.

    So, hold your mala, give thanks for the gifts that person or experience brought you and let them go… Repeat your mantra, “With gratitude, I let go and create space.”  Release the old and embrace the new with gratitude…repeat.

    Namaste XO