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8mm black onyx, agate beads, handcrafted Afghanistan silver and black onyx crescent moon guru and ball beads, approximate length 56 cm

Yin Mala

  • “Go yin. Go within,” is the Yin Mala’s mantra. Take a few minutes to step away from the to-do’s and go yin! This one-of-a-kind Yin Mala from our Rare Birds Collection was lovingly made with black onyx, which serves to ground and protect you, and agate, which assists in balancing all of your energies. The crescent moon guru and two ball beads were handcrafted in Afghanistan using Afghani silver and black onyx. Life is a balancing act and we are most often in a state of busyness, but it’s time to be still. The moon has a huge influence on our lives so go within, and listen to what the moon, Source and your soul have to share.


    Namaste XO