Letting Go - Making Space For Love

As we enter the month of LOVE, it's time to heal, follow and open our hearts. Our hearts are the seat of our passions and desires and the place where we give and receive love, so it's super important to be mindful of your heart and if it needs to be heard and healed do it!

Logically, we understand that it in order to create space for something or someone new and even better to enter our lives, we must practice the art of letting go...but we all know that's easier said than done.

Our earthly journey is marked with love and loss, joy and suffering, beauty and ugliness, truth and illusion, yet no matter which end of the spectrum you are experiencing it is important to keep letting go…to keep moving forward…to keep letting go...to create space for the new and marvelous, the magical and miraculous.

When you trust and let go, you make space for the Divine to enter and give you something or someone more in alignment with your energy and your heart’s desire. Even if it's someting small, that's still huge to the Universe because even a crack allows in more love.

This past weekend one of my dearest friends in the world and I finally had a chance to hang out together and share some deeply soulful stories all about our hearts, true love and letting go, that happened to us over the last few weeks. She is bravely going through the process of letting go of the mate of her soul, and my heart aches for her even as I write this, but it was one of those talks that leave you believing in the power of love and the perfection of the Universe. When I left I was floating on love. I know one day she will tell her story so I'm going to leave that for her but what I have to share with you is what we both discovered. Letting go is so very hard, because we feel if we let go of someone, something or a moment we love in order to move on and make room, that we have to let go of them in our hearts to make space for the new, but this isn't it at all!

The key is keeping them always in our hearts, as loved and cherished as always, but letting go of the sorrow, fear, blame, anger or any other feelings that are not love. Keep all of those wonderful, funny, unforgetably loving moments in your heart because there is always room for more goodness, but it's time to let go of those moments, people, habits, thoughts, and routines that don't vibrate with the energy of LOVE, that aren't your truth and aren't your heart's desire.

This simple shift in thinking will be all it takes to begin the process, creating a space no matter how small for the Universe to move in and give you the love you deserve. Even simply saying, "I deserve love," is a brilliant start.

It's also importnat to know that we are all in good company when it comes to the difficulty and pain letting go brings, but it is key to listen to your heart, feel, acknowledge and move through the emotions as you let go of any that are not love and therefore blocking the way for new love.

Malas are wonderful touchstones for healing and transformation, (and gorgeous to look at and wear!), and I've created a mala with the intention of letting go to assist anyone who needs a little support and love through their process.

So, hold your LETTING GO MALA, give thanks for the gifts that person or experience brought you and let them go… Repeat your mantra, “With gratitude, I let go and create space.” Release the old and embrace the new with gratitude…repeat.

Let's all let go of a little someting this February, because we've all got that "something" that needs to either be gently released or full on kicked straight to the curb.

Let's heal our hearts together because Happy Heart Chakras make happy people who make a happier world!

Lots of Love to Everyone!

Namaste XOXO

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