Words Are Our Magic Wands

As you warmly welcome in 2016, do something you've never done before. It's quick and simple and can be done over a cup of morning tea, yet will positively shape your energy and transform your year to come. This IS your year!

Using malas and mantras is one of the original forms of yoga and meditation and for good reason. A single word or phrase has the power to create huge changes in our lives and our consciousness, alter molecular structure (check out www.whatthebleep.com/water-crystals/ which clearly shows the power of love, gratitude and words), and create new ways of thinking so we live happier, healthier, more connected lives.

Quite simply, words are our magic wands to creating everything we envision and desire, from attracting other souls like us, optimal opportunities, shifts in our consciousness, and increased energy, health and abundance on every level.

We all know people who speak in positive uplifting ways and leave us feeling like we just want to spend more time in their presence, yet we've also experienced conversations that seem to drain us and leave us feeling deflated and even bad about ourselves. This is because the words we hear, say, read and think actually become part of our electromagnetic energy.

Ask yourself, "Do I want to elevate my vibe to one of trust, gratitude, abundance and love or lower it to one of distrust, worry and fear?" The choice is all yours. So, whether you are that free spirit who seeks more opportunites for laughter, love and joy or that weary soul who is tired of trying to control everything and loses sleep worrying, we have a simple solution. Create you own Magic Wand!

4 Steps To Creating Your Own Magic Wand

1. Take a quiet moment, close your eyes and think of all of the words or phrases that bring uplifting feelings, give you a sense of softening and maybe even heart opening. These words make you FEEL like you are living the life of your dreams and are being your authentic self! Feel free to use these ideas to get your momentum going (and also freely add any gems you think of at the end of this blog to inspire others xo):

2. From all of the words you thought, choose one word or phrase that lifts your spirit the highest. Maybe it's that one that puts a smile on your face and fills your heart! Maybe it speaks to the way you want to view life, or the way in which you would like to live your life, or maybe a quality you want to embrace or enhance on some level be it personal, emotional, spiritual, or physical. You've just created your wand with your own power word or phrase.

3. Write this word or phrase down and post it some place you will see it often. Maybe make it your home screen on your phone! Also, have a touchstone with you at all times, to use as a physical reminder of your Magic Wand. Bracelets with symbols are a beautiful and simple way (ex. a symbol of a butterly will remind you of words such as transformation, freedom, beauty). Begin each day by repeating your word or phrase and connect deeply with it's energy as often as possible throughout your day.

The more often you say your words and the more deeply you feel and imagine them, the more powerful they become, and the faster your intentions will manifest and transformation will happen! Another incredibly humble yet potent tool that's known to increase word power is the mala.

Just think, if you only used your mala twice a day, maybe morning and evening, you would easily repeat your magical words 216 times! Now that's positively powerful! For intuitiviely and custom created bracelets and malas check out hippylycious.com.

4. You've just created the foundation for big magic in your life! Go wave those wands! We'd love to hear how your magic is working, your vibes are changing and your lives are transforming! Follow us on Insta and twitter as we will be following this intention for 2016! We're all in this together so keep in touch.



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