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What If My Mala Breaks?


As you wear your mala and work daily with it, naturally the threads stringing the mala together will loosen, wear down and possibly break over time. Don’t despair! This is a momentous occasion and cause for celebration! (and our inner Hippies love any reason to celebrate right!) It is thought that this moment signifies the completion of your journey! Some journeys are longer than others depending on your energy, mantra and you! And that’s ok! Perfect actually!


It’s traditional not to restring a mala when it breaks because it is believed that when it breaks it represents a "break” through in your personal life that you need not repeat. Another belief is that you’ve now burnt off some of your negative karma and created a new level of consciousness and wellbeing! What a great cause for celebration right!


Here’s a playful idea! Why not take pieces of your mala and create a new piece of jewelry! Or place some pieces on your alter as a reminder of your incredible accomplishment! xo

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