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What Is A Mantra?


Mantras can make the impossible possible! Simply, a mantra is a word, sound or phrase that is repeatedly chanted or uttered either silently or aloud. The incredible part is that mantras are immensely powerful tools that can change an unfavourable situation into a favourable one because they have the ability to create dynamic sound waves both internally and externally which in turn have tremendous effects on our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies!


  • In the yogic tradition, mantras are Sanskrit words that have special powers to assist in the transformation of consciousness, promote healing or fulfill desires.


  • Mantras can make the impossible, possible! Mantras are used to empower malas and malas are used to empower the mantras!


  • In order to fully empower your mala, it is important to do japa, or sets of the 108 repetitions of your mantra once or twice daily for 40 days consecutively! Once this is completed, the mala can be worn or placed gently on yourself or someone else to transmit the healing or energetic power of the mantra of your mala.


  • There are 108 energy lines running through the heart chakra, one of which is the path to self-realization!


  • The Guru bead is where all the powerful energies from your practice are built up and stored.

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